I work with executives and team leaders facing internal challenges of high attrition rates, difficulty hiring and retaining talent, and not fully living out their diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments. Externally, they see negative customer feedback and sentiment analysis, loss of consumer trust and brand respect, and decreased revenue. 


My clients are organizations seeking to build long-term, trust-based relationships with users. They want to grow their base of advocates and evangelists, secure their status as thought leaders, and create real staying power for their brand. Together, we build:


  • better products 

  • diversified product offerings

  • inclusive design strategies that increase revenue 

  • transformative hiring, retention, and collaboration practices 

  • accountability measures for strategies, roadmaps, and practices

  • strategies for sustainable global expansion 

  • lasting customer partnerships

  • a target user base with fewer edge use cases

  • lived commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility

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