I was born in the West African nation of Togo, raised in the northeastern and Midwest United States, and have lived in Japan, Germany, the UK, and now the Bay Area. As a global citizen, I appreciate the richness of difference and intersectionality.

I work on problems at the intersection of DEI + ethics in product, spanning human-centered design, responsible innovation, and business value. I believe the intersection of product, justice (equity, inclusion, accessibility), ethics (safety, privacy, security by design) is the direction the tech industry must move toward in order to stay relevant and have a global impact. 

My singular obsession is how to design with not for, and thereby empower, a diverse world while eliminating bias and discrimination in tech. 

With almost 20 years of experience as a technologist and social scientist, and graduate degrees from Cornell University, I conduct research, perform data analyses, and create strategies for companies committed to investing in diverse and equitable product development processes.

Because bias and blind spots are woven into our current processes, I go beyond building products. I also:

  • Hold teams and leaders accountable for inclusive and ethical design and development. 
  • Develop processes that advance diversity and ethical usage of technology.
  • Incorporate DEI principles within the product development cycle.
  • Create protocols for reducing bias and engage diverse representation and thinking. 
  • Include users as dynamic participants in the product development processes and making sure we see who is being systematically left out of product design conversations and plans. 
  • Give voice to groups that are historically marginalized, underrepresented, or simply ignored. 
  • Push teams to build for all users, not just ones who look like them, who can easily access technology, or who easily “match” their product.

The results are products delivered with global impact, international market viability, deep cultural and technological relevance, and unmatched user trust. 

My expertise in cross-cultural research, design research, management consulting, strategy, and development spans the U.S., APAC, and African markets. I have helped leaders and companies, from startups to Fortune 100s, understand the needs of their clients, expand their markets, and advance the impact of their organizations

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